Tony Grova's Memories Of Elvis

When Tony was 8 years old he would listen to his mother’s 45 records which consisted of many artists of the day.  He seemed to favor the Elvis records in her collection. More so Elvis' 45 record from the movie Girls, Girls, Girls the songs Return To Sender with the flipside being Where Do You Come From. In 1968, Tony’s mother made sure she woke him so he could witness Elvis dressed in black leather making his comeback appearance on TV .  The following day, Tony began combing his hair back and would no longer listen to the other artists in mom’s collection. Only Elvis was played!

Tony's father brought him his first Elvis album (Elvis’ Golden Records Volume One).  From that point forward, every birthday and Christmas would bring nothing but Elvis related gifts from his family and friends.

Tony would stand in front of a mirror for hours and days on end mimicking his idol. Then in 1975 his parents purchased tickets to take Tony to see Elvis. Tony’s Elvis Tribute Artist career began on July 19th, 1975 after seeing Elvis live in concert at the 2:30 afternoon matinee show in Nassau Coliseum, Long Island New York.  After seeing Elvis live there was no stopping Tony from what became his life path. Tony started out by making appearances and performing at local school dances and private parties. Tony has been living out his dream performing his tribute to Elvis going on 42 years now!