Tony Grova's Memories Of Elvis

Janet Bender Durica

 TONY - you are always terrific! You put the love and joy into an Elvis Tribute! Having seen Elvis three times myself live in concert and also many, many, many Elvis tribute artists over the years, there is one fact - YOU ARE THE BEST !!!!

Dominick Bocchino

  I want to thank Tony Grova for putting on a fantastic show! The crowd loved him and were raving about him after the show . Tony is one of the very few if not the only Elvis Tribute Artist that gets it! Elvis was not only a great entertainer! More then that, he was a great person that loved his fans and people in general and that comes thru watching Tony on stage! His love for Elvis and the people that come see him perform . Over 2 hours of none stop energy and excitement that guys half his age don't put the effort in that he does that's why he has been around for 38 years . Anyone that knows me I'm very picky about ETA'S he won me over tonight I was floored. Most guys go out there and are counting minutes till they get paid. Tony hits the stage with one thing in mind to keep the memory of the greatest entertainer in the worlds memory alive and he does! After the show tonight people said to me you can really tell Tony loves Elvis cause it shows!! Tony Thanks Again Dom

Jim Kuchenbrod

Tony Fantastic!!!! My heart sings knowing that you have succeded with the passion you have brought to the stage and to many hearts! You are a shining example of tenacity and belief in one's self!! Way to go!! 

Neil H. Clayton

Tony has that "Elvis Intensity"

Shirley Schwebs

All I can say is WOW!!!!!!! 

Gregory & Rosie Miles

In our book you'll always be the #1 ELVIS TRIBUTE ARTIST.  WE REPEAT----TRIBUTE ARTIST.  Not an impersonator, a sound or look alike who quivers his upper lip, shakes his hips and says "thank you very mush". As we said once before, YOU pay tribute to Elvis by doing what Elvis DID---perform and entertain for his audience. He gave his all and so do you and we thank you so very much!! We've often said that if there hadn't been an Elvis Presley and there was "the right time" for a young entertainer with a powerful baritone voice --- YOU would have been your own star!! We lost Elvis in 1977 but since then we've been very lucky to have you and your show "Memories Of Elvis"!! Janis Joplin sang "You Took a Little Piece of My Heart".  You AND Elvis took a big piece of OUR hearts.
Love Always Greg & Rosie

Richard Davis

Hi Tony, My mom and I had a great time at the Brookside Manor tonight.  We sat down with a table full of strangers and left with 8 new friends. We had the best time! You were amazing, just amazing!! Thanks for being so personal and genuinely kind to the audience, you made my mom's day.  She's your newest biggest fan and I agree. You really won us all over at our table, we couldn't stop smiling with how good you were, you have an outstanding voice and you really work hard, very funny and your show was terrific. The best songs, what a great night. Thank you so much. You are a class act!!!!! Mom says thanks again for the red scarf! Sincerely Rich Davis

Terry Wilding

Hi Tony, I went to your show on Saturday and totally enjoyed myself and made new friends. I have been going for 10 years to see you at different places. It was my husband‘s 3rd show and he is sold on you! Hope you have a wonderful holiday and stay in good health. The first time we saw you was in Little Ferry, NJ and I have been hooked ever since. I saw Elvis at the NY Nassau Coliseum and tape recorded his show. I can’t believe the ages of the kids at your show. I have adorable pictures from last year that I will send you I hope that you will keep us happy for many years! Enjoy every day because it is a gift! You are great!! Thanks Terry

Tony Kowal

Dear Tony, You are the BEST!! I was so overwhelmed by last night's performance. Last night I know that I saw "THE SHOW OF MY LIFE". You reached into your heart AS YOU ALWAYS DO to bring out your feelings for your fans . We cannot ask for more! Hope to see you again real soon my friend. Have a great Christmas!! Sincerely Tony Kowal

Gregory & Rosie Miles

Dear Tony, WOW!!!!! What a show-----over the top. We can't get over how, after more than two hours of "singing your heart out", you still have voice and strength enough left to perform the opera song "Nessun Dorma"; truly incredible!!
What better tribute can YOU pay to the "Performer of the Century" than to go on stage and work your butt off giving your all to your audience. That's what Elvis did----so when you think about it, you're following in his footsteps, and you've been doing it longer( it's a shame Elvis never had a chance to see YOU).
The packed house you had last night (closeness of holidays, rotten economy being considered) should tell you something! Elvis, unfortunately, is no longer with us; those people knew that. They came to see YOU perform and YOU gave them one helluva show!!!!!!!
Talk to ya soon.
Take care, be well
Rosie & Greg

Maryann Duncan Menendez

WOW!! You have a GIFT Tony...."THANK YOU" for sharing it!! 

Elizabeth Berdeguez

I can't believe you've been paying tribute to Elvis since the 70's! You are a legend and maverick yourself! I could sit and listen to your stories and singing all day! Love Ya! 

Dave La Vecchia

WOW!! Great job....beautiful....powerful....Tony G....Your the man!! I really miss playing drums behind you! Good ol' days and great times!

Nicholas Andretta

No matter how many times I listen to you, you just keep getting better! Your a great performer! 

Mike Valinoti

Great show!! And a real nice person to talk to! Coming back to see you again! 

Brenda Truscello

Tony your the best! I always love to watch you perform. You are truly talented! Love You!!!!! Hope to see you soon! xoxox

James Borys

There was only one Elvis but you make it a lot easier to except such a giant loss and really keep him and his music alive!! Luv you...God Bless...Until we meet again!

Mike Valinoti

When I heard Tony's voice for first time I almost fell out my chair, just like Elvis!! Thank You Tony, see you soon, God BLESS keep up the great work!!

John Bello

The first time I saw you at the Plaza Theatre in Paterson N.J before Elvis died in 1976, I think you were 18 or 19 years old at the time, you blew me away!! Amazing!!

Jo Ann Carrone Pinto

Tony I loved your show last night at Amore of Wayne!!! They just get better and better!!! Tony Grova rocks as Elvis!!! All your shows are awesome!!! Can't wait for the next one in June!!! Luv u Luv Elvis🎤🎸. Thanks for the scarf!!! It will be right next to all my Elvis treasures!!! Keep up the great shows!!!       

Johnny Belair

The Best!!

Jacqueline Catti

You gave your audience so many memories. Hope you noticed all the standing ovations. Elvis would be proud. You put your heart and soul into keeping his memory alive. Don't stop what your doing!

Marilyn Siegel Giannetto

You are still amazing after all these years. Love from your Florida groupie. Miss you.

Faye Solod

Tony, I think you are fabulous!

Judy Hutchinson

Damn! You are great! (Love the gold)

Judy Hutchinson

Lord have Mercyyy! You are getting even better, How? I do not know cause you are already the greatest ! Wowwwwww!! Can't hardly believe this! (and that hair)  OH MY!

Bonnie Thaler

Thank you Tony for bringing us all his memories that we see in your love for Elvis and his music! You are the best! Love you! Bonnie

Jo Ann Carrone - Pinto

Awesome show last night Tony at Amore!!!! Luv ur shows & you look great!!!! Tony rocks as Elvis!!!! Luv Tony luv Elvis!!! Keep up the great work!!!!🎸🎸🎸🎤

Jacqueline Catti

You can see your soul. Amazing!!!!!