Tony Grova's Memories Of Elvis


Tony's incredible talent did not go un-noticed especially in 1996. Hollywood film director and producer David Winkler, son of the most famous film producer and director Irwin Winkler who produced well over 50 motion pictures including Rocky, Goodfellas, Raging Bull and even Elvis Presley's 1967 film Double Trouble!  David personally called Tony at home to ask if he would help him with a film he was producing called Finding Graceland starring Harvey Keitel and Bridget Fonda. Of course Tony accepted!! David Winkler along with Harvey Keitel and other cast and staff members attended one of Tony's shows to see him perform in person and hired him immediately. Harvey Keitel played the part of Elvis and Tony's job was to help Harvey with his portrayal and choreography of Elvis!! Tony's name can be seen at the end of the movies film credits as technical advisor! (See photos below)